How Kyiv universities react to Euromaidan

Students were the most important and numerous part of demonstrations on first week of Euromaidan. Administrations of Kyiv universities had different reactions to student protests.

The first university in Kyiv, which supported Euromaidan, was National University of Kyiv Mohyla academy (NaUKMA). On November 26, NaUKMA students gathered at the University square strike to support Ukraine’s Eurointegration. They refused to attend lectures till December 2. Studies at NaUKMA were not cancelled for the striking period. But the university administration supported the demands of students as well as their intention to participate in the EuroMaidan[1].

After dispersal of Euromaidan on December 11 NaUKMA published a declaration[2].  The administration and students declared “a resolute protest on the latest in a series of violence expressions undertaken by Ukrainian government in order to suppress peaceful protests of Ukrainian people”. They demanded from the government to come to senses and to stop violence immediately.

Other universities

The administrations of other universities supported their students after bloody dispersal of student’s demonstration on November 30. The rector of The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” (KPI) Myhailo Zgurovskyi posted on his Vkontakte page the resolution of the university administration with blaming the authorities’ actions. On December 1 the rector of KPI and lecturers went to the demonstration with their students[3].

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (NPDU) didn’t contribute their students. Formally university blamed the attack on protesters on November 30[4], but simultaneously administration condemned student activists who blocked enter of the university with calls to strike. Also at that time in the university were organized meetings with ministers[5]. According to students, the ministers were talking about  undue timing of Eurointegration.

Because of beating of students on November 30, administration of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (BGKY) made a video appeal[6]. They said that actions of authorities were cynical. So the university supports all students in their protest and blame the behaviour of authorities.