The media

media page cameras_630x250First two weeks of Euromaydan people were surprised about the objectivity of central Ukrainian channels. Only First National (the state-run television channel) and Inter in spite they knew about some important events on Euromaidan they choose to stay quite., 5 channel, TVi and 24 channel were live broadcasting all the events from Euromaydan. These chanels showed the most reliable and objective news about Euromaidan.

From the perspective of Russian television, the situation on streets in Kyiv was “anarchy”. Russian correspondents were reporting that on Maydan there is about hundred students, that they gathered together to show their position and that it’s all was organized and financed by the West. Journalist and TV analyst Otar Dovzhenko said in an interview for KyivPost that these messages is directed to Russian audience.

Russian media can’t hide the protests in Ukraine, so they try to bring them down, make them look undesirable. Discrediting the protests in Ukraine is very important for the regime of President Vladimir Putin. The Orange Revolution of 2004 gave strong inspiration to the opposition in Russia, said Otar for KyivPost.

The Ukrainian media market is more or less divided up among five groups:

  • Television broadcaster “Inter,” which belongs to billionaire Dmytro Firtash
  • Media concern “StarLightMedia” is owned by Victor Pinchuk.  Pinchuk is one of the wealthiest businessman in Ukraine and also son in law of ex-president Leonid Kuchma. (By the way, he supported the Euromaidan).
  • The television station “1+1” belongs to one of the richest Ukrainian businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyi
  • The television station “Ukraina” belongs to oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.
  • Media concern UMH Group is owned by Sergey Kurchenko.

Political journalist Mustafa Nayyem says that Ukrainian market is more or less divided up among these five people and that they are likewise affiliated with the Party of Regions.

Many of the media companies are financed by off-shore businesses or by people we have never seen. These groups reach most viewers and have the greatest range. One cannot call it a monopoly, because we are talking about three different people here. But we do know that they gained access to broadcasting frequencies in a very non-transparent process, while other media did not get any access – says Mustafa for DW. is a civil initiative project of popular Ukrainian journalists, who made one of the most objective and reliable source of information in the country.  They started broadcasting live from the very beginning of Euromaydan. Their basic value is trust of the audience.

First National is the state-run television channel in Ukraine, operated by the National Television Company of Ukraine. It’s completely pro-government.

“5 channel” and “24 channel” are news television stations. They are one of the most objective television station in Ukraine. 5 channel belongs to one of the richest men in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.  70% of the shares of the 24 chanel belongs to wife of Lviv’s meyor Andriy Sadovyy.

In 2012 Academy of Ukrainian Press made a research which showed that TVi news were the most balanced among Ukrainian channels.