21st of November was the day when Ukrainian Government backed out from signing a deal with the European Union. This event led to the first rallies of protests which started at the same time in two Ukrainian cities – Kyiv and Lviv.

Maidans – the main squares of these cities – have become the stage of crowded protests of public figures (social activists), journalists and many students. They came to Maidan because they felt an urgent need to express disagreement with the actions of the authorities.

The social structure, the main slogans and the demands of the Euromaidan protesters determined the nature of this protest – it was a peaceful, non-violent resistance of the youth against the government.

1450895_395032803963926_184735006_n 1453494_395033113963895_323218864_nAmong the most common signs and slogans were: «Sign the association agreement», «Students for Europe», «Youth of the nation for integration», «Maidan – we are with you». Such slogans clearly illustrate the hopes and aspirations of the progressive part of the Ukrainians and once again show the peaceful character of the protests.

The situation changed dramatically after the attack against young people on the night of November 30, causing the protest rally gain a shocking scale throughout the entire country.  The desire to be closer to Europe has not disappeared, but the people of Ukraine added a new demand. One of the most common slogans of this time «It’s not about integration. It’s about our freedom!» shows us changes of the protest rallies nature.

All the demands have become more radical. The focus has shifted to the corruption of the ruling elite and the use of violence as an instrument of the authorities to suppress resistance.  This is evident in the slogan created by the student activists «Students for Europe» which has transformed to the slogan «Students against violence». Meanwhile some other signs of similar nature have appeared, such as – «We will not leave unless Yanukovych leaves», «Yesterday they hurt women, tomorrow they will kill children», «Time to disperse this gang», «Yanukovych, we are angry», «Ukraine without «yolki» (a word to define a Christmas tree, the installment of which was used by the government as an excuse to attack peaceful protesters).

New and new posters are appearing every single day of the revolution. To be continued…