A clear plan

The words with which many Ukrainians  associate opposition on Maidan are: “We have a clear plan”. The question what to do with a million people at the streets, how to act and what to demand in the current government , turned into several alternative plans. Social activists , artists and politicians have written several dozen tips and strategies, some of which have already been successfully implemented. We tried to present the most comprehensive and popular of them, as well as understand what can bring results.


One of the first really clear and detailed planes, which appeared, was the Solontay-Lutsenko plan. November 27 Igor Lutsenko, activist and co-founder of the social movement ” Save Old Kyiv “, and Alexander Solontay , the leader of the political association “Syla ludey” (“People Power”), published their jointly agreed project. They offered three successive steps: euromarch , student strike and eventually – eurorevolution. The aim of this strategy was mobilize people in Kiev and regions and achieve the greatest possible presence on Dec. 1. All-Ukrainian campaign of civil disobedience planned for that day, had the following political demands: elections, return to  the Constitution of 2004, the removal from governement “the bankrupt team”. And from December 2 should begin a nationwide strike.

December 1, people really took to the streets, but, sincerely, public sector can’t record this on its score. Events of November 30 has caused many changes into their plans. December 7 Civil sector of Euromaidan published the program of Eurorevolution. Its main points are: the reform of public order, the return to a parliamentary -presidential republic ( guaranteed by the Constitution of 2004), to take action to sign an Association Agreement with the EU within 3 months, parliamentary elections by proportional representation with open lists , creating open public register of immovable property, judicial reform with the introduction of the jury and the institution of elected magistrates.

Transparent and consistent, this plan suffers too big revolution optimism and lack of mechanism for impact and achieve their objectives. The strike, which supported by students, failed to spread to all sectors of the economy. The number of psychological pressure not reached its effect through the power blindness and indifference. Blitzkrieg was never released.

Task 5 /12

Pragmatic Ukrainian cultural intellectuals, without waiting for proposals from the opposition three, appealed to them first. Juriy Andrukhovich, Jaroslav Grytsak, Sergiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa, Ivan Malkovich, Sashko Polozhynsky, Taras Prokhasko and a number of well-known Ukrainian December 6 written appeal to the Ukrainian opposition.

Petition titled “Task 5 /12” for December 19 has been signed by more than 7000 people. Supporting the request for resignation Azarov’s government and punish all those responsible for the violence on the protesters, the initiative group has set for other politicians quite realistic and necessary task. There are release of political prisoners “Bankova case”, taking out special forces from Kyiv and other cities, and cessation of violence against protesters, and guarantees of non-use of repression against demonstrators .

All negotiations with the government are possible only after the fulfillment of these conditions. Then, within the legal framework necessary to achieve a return to the Constitution of 2004, the signing of the Association Agreement, the adoption of the new electoral law and the law on lustration . In addition demands addressed to the authorities , was made clear to the requirements of the opposition – consolidated, form a team and submit a reform plan for the first year of power.

Opposition gladly listened to and accepted these advices. To the success of the initiative can be unambiguously attributed the release of those arrested in the case of the Presidential Administration , as well as the bill that aims to release all euromadaners and close all criminal proceedings in this regard. Feature of “Task 5 /12” is the ratio of the opposition as those serving the public and to hear her opinion, and not vice versa.

This is my manifesto

Better late than never. After months of protests Civil Council adopted Euromaidan Manifesto, which calls for public talks between the government, opposition and civil society. In addition to the requirements of the Constitution, the resignation of the President and the government, the Association Agreement, they voiced the need for the creation of a technical governement. This Cabinet of Ministers would consist solely of professionals who do not belong to any party or oligarchic groups.

But this manifesto is still a declaration, not a strategy for action. It imposes significant responsibility for its execution on political rather than on social forces.

To troll them

And also to picket and boycott. Initiatives that have come from below currently remain the most effective strategies. Sergiy Leshchenko published in his blog addresses of abroad apartments and offices of Party of Regions members – and Ukrainian diaspora made pickets under their windows. Activists make a list of companies and products that belongs “regionals” – and a wave of economic boycott is spreading throughout the country. Lviv residents wrote an ultimatum, which was forced to withdraw from the Regions Party, have achieved that a few of them actually passed their party tickets. Ideas of personal pickets, “bloody Christmas trees”, autoruns to Mezhyhirya, regular posters, citylights, demotivators are perhaps more appropriate than straight sessions and speeches. To be annoying and not let to forget about themselves – that is the main task for maidan members. Kolomyyky (short funny ethnic songs) which now writes Irena Karpa, equally powerful proletarian weapon as a piece sett .

A drop in the warm ocean

Revolution – it is, above all, the revolution in the heads. Alex Arestovych proposed strategy of warm ocean. In his view, the system can change without violence – simply dissolving in a warm and peaceful actions – massive and pervasive. Stable and uniform pressure on the system can cause it to crumble at the slightest touch already. The key to success of such shares have become mass, personality, humor and caring. It is, for example, friendly trips to the Antimaidan, and flowers for the military. But this is only the outward manifestations. The system will drop if you start shaking her bottom. Why you may go to the President Administration or Cabinet of Ministers if there are many lower of state institutions. 800 polite calls about snow on the road from 800 concerned citizens will step up into its own Europe.

Kasha Saltsova, Ukrainian singer, advised to get rid of “internal Yanukovych”. Plan performance is very real.

Author Olga Perekhrest