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21st of November was the day when Ukrainian Government backed out from signing a deal with the European Union. This event led to the first rallies of protests which started at the same… Continue reading

Euromaidan Posters


These are a few posters from Euromaidan in English. More posters coming soon!     

Ukraine and the Customs Union with Russia


Ukraine’s economy is mostly export-oriented. The most promising industries are the aerospace industry, energy generation, transportation, machine building, agriculture, as well as transit facilities. Russia and Europe, the pros and Cons Presently, the… Continue reading

The position of the Ukrainian Churches and Religious organizations about Euromaidan


The Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) is His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk). The church supports European integration and Euromaidan inspirations. The Head expressed His support to the people who care about the… Continue reading

The most reliable sources about Euromaidan

by – is independent internet televisioni made by Ukrainian journalists. They started broadcasting live from the very beginning of Euromaydan. Their basic value is trust of the audience.  5 Channel and 24 Channel – these… Continue reading

How Kyiv universities react to Euromaidan


Students were the most important and numerous part of demonstrations on first week of Euromaidan. Administrations of Kyiv universities had different reactions to student protests. The first university in Kyiv, which supported Euromaidan, was… Continue reading

A glossary of Euromaidan


Azirov – a modified version of the last name of the Prime Minister of Ukraine (Azarov). He can hardly speak any Ukrainian and makes a lot of mistakes in his speech. Barricade –… Continue reading

Cooperation with the EU


The legal basis of relations between Ukraine and the EU is the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of 14 June 1994 (entered into force on 1 March 1998). This agreement establishes cooperation on a wide… Continue reading